31 March 2021

WES officially signs up to the United Nations’ Sports for Climate Action Framework

MONACO (P.ty) Wednesday 31 March 2021 – Today WES Management CEO Francesco Di Biase confirms the commitment that WES World E-Bike Series will publicly endorse and seek to adhere to the United Nations’ Sports for Climate Action Framework.

WES is uniquely placed to endorse and strive for, within its race series the outlined framework. As time progresses all types of activities impact the climate. Competitive cycling has the unique ability to be able to demonstrate as well as widely communicate and engage with participants on how ebike technology can contribute to the overall global goal of reducing climatic impacts from sports.

The framework developed by the United Nations comprises five main principles:

1) Promote greater environmental responsibility.
2) Reduce the overall climate impact from sports.
3) Use its platform to educate for climate action.
4) Promote sustainable and responsible consumption.
5) Advocate for climate action through its communications.

Within the official communications to the UN Francesco Di Biase outlined WES intentions: “Being part of the UN’s Sport for Climate Action Framework is a crucial step for WES and an essential part of our mission to promote a more sustainable and environmental-friendly behaviour. Cycling is playing a crucial role in this change and we commit to working collaboratively with our peers and relevant stakeholders to develop, implement and enhance the climate action agenda in sports.”

As a significant statement of intent, the WES organisation will make public their progress on their commitments.

We welcome WES to Sports for Climate Action community and we look forward to their contribution as we work together to identify best of action and scale low carbon solutions that will be crucial to achieving the necessary goals in climate, transport and health”, said Lindita Xhaferi-Salihu, Sports for Climate Action lead at the UN Climate Change. 

The aim is climate neutrality. Selected governments globally have as part of a broader intention highlighted how electric transport will change human impact on the climate. Electric bike racing and its growing importance within the cycle industry will be a beacon of intent and possibly draw more attention to the public as the industry shifts towards the uptake of electric-assist bicycles and their greater use in everyday life, not just sport.

The United Nations’ Sports for Climate Action Framework is a challenge and will focus everyone’s attention including influential sportspeople on the long term needs of our planet in all aspects of life.

For further information: https://unfccc.int/climate-action/sectoral-engagement/sports-for-climate-action

Download the Press Release in PDF HERE