What is WES?

WES World E-Bike Series was born in Monaco, back in 2019 to organise and promote the first international electric-only bike competition. In 2020, the Series made the step up to the upper tier by being entitled as the first-ever UCI E-Mountain Bike Cross-Country World Cup. E-races now provide eligible points to access the UCI World Championships and fight for the coveted rainbow jersey.

What is the WES format?

E-Cross-Country (E-XC) is WES core discipline, although WES Events may also feature E-Gravity races, City-track competitions as well as Amateur Rides with the pros.

In Mountain Biking there are as many different formats as there are styles of bike, all of which have grown from the diverse usage and terrain to which riders find themselves.
E-MTB will be no different. It is not just another sub-category within Mountain Biking, but its own entity which deserves its specific platform.

In MTB and E-MTB there are those who prefer gravity events and those who prefer aerobic events. WES shall cater to the riders and their demands, by offering different formats to those who prefer gravity events and those who prefer aerobic events.


WES is the Sole E-MTB World Cup under the UCI

  • Offroad, electric mountain bike racing on a 2-6 km circuit
  • One loop, multiple laps depending on the loop length
  • 15 to 30 km total distance
  • 1000 to 1400 m of climbing

Who is the UCI E-MTB XC WORLD CUP for?

  • UCI Senior licence holders, year of 19th Birthday onwards, Men & Women
  • EN15194 homologated bikes

Who are the UCI E-MTB XC WORLD CUP Winners?

  • Men & Women: the first-ever UCI E-MTB XC World Cup Winner Title
  • WES Teams: by summing all team members’ points in all WES races
  • Bike Manufacturers
  • Motor Manufacturers
  • WES Holeshot: the fastest rider at the start passing the first turn in first position
  • Magneti Marelli Checkstar Power Lap: the fastest rider on a full lap

How many entries are allowed?

Each of the races has a limit of 50 riders Men plus 50 riders Women. The number of registrations is limited, as WES goal is to organise a premium experience for riders and select the best in the world.

When and how can Riders and Teams apply for the Series?

The Application form is available online for single riders, teams and wildcards at worldebikeseries.com / Register, from January of the new starting season until March.

How do bikes get checked? Is the limit 250W?

To participate in WES events the competitors’ bikes must be certified EN15194 (25kph & 250w continuous) and provide a motor diagnostic of less than three months (presentation obligatory at sign-in).
Additional check on wheel size corresponding with certification & diagnostic.
WES shall have commissaries on track side to check mid race, and the top five finishers shall all be submitted to a full bike check.
Any bike that is found to be not conforming to manufacturer’s certificate or has an erroneous motor diagnostic shall be treated as the cycling community treats any mechanical doping offence. The UCI has given the lead on this with a 6-year ban and up to 20,000 CHF fine.

Is there a limit on battery size?

There is no limit on battery size, but riders must present their bikes before the start with no more than 500Wh in their batteries. The circuits are currently designed around this quantity of energy.

How many batteries are allowed during race?

One battery per rider, per race, for E-XC races. For Gravity races, this would depend on the specific track and race specs. WES aims to design race circuits that oblige the riders to use their bikes strategically, making the most of all the different modes to get to the finish line in the fastest time possible.

How will riders tackle battery transportation?

As long as WES events are European based, the anticipation is that riders and teams would mainly travel by road. As the series grows, WES is planning overseas rounds and working from an organisational and logistical point of view to face the needs of this evolution. The International Air Transport Association currently insists on airline approval for 101wh-160wh batteries. Those over 300wh are classified as dangerous goods, and therefore banned on passenger flights. This is obviously an issue at the moment, but WES is partnering with an experienced supplier to sort this out.

Traffic laws? E-Bikes must be 25kph in Europe? What about USA 30kph?

As long as WES events are mainly European based, the bike checks are based on the EN15194. Any bike not conforming to this standard isn’t accepted on the start line of a WES event.

Motors are getting stronger and stronger every year. How can WES make sure that the bike/motor will not have a major impact on the results?

As long as the bikes and motors conform to the European Norm EN15194, then this competition can only help improve E-Bikes as a whole. The torque of a motor on paper is not guaranteed to transfer to a higher performing bike on the ground. With higher torque comes a more complicated electronic management system to stop the motor spinning out the rear wheel and higher battery consumption. These issues can be addressed by the constructors, which results in better bikes for the end user. As long as the competition results in better bikes for e-Bikers, WES should not penalise a certain manufacturer.

What is the WES QUALIRACE?

Qualifying race open to permanent WES riders and Wildcards (UCI licence holders): the top-50 classified Men and top-50 Women will take part in the UCI E-MTB XC WORLD CUP race. In case of a WES Event featuring a double XC race, each race is preceded by a Qualirace.


E-Mountain Bike Enduro race format with downhill and uphill timed stages to get the most of E-Bikes and their specs.
2 to 4 stages max. Race Category: UCI MTB Cat. 3, event registered in the UCI International Event Calendar.

Who is WES GRAVITY for?

  • UCI Senior licence holders, year of 19th Birthday onwards, Men & Women
  • EN15194 homologated bikes

Who are the WES GRAVITY Winners?

  • Men & Women: WES Gravity Champion Title
  • WES Teams: by summing all team members’ points in all WES races (XC + Gravity)
  • Bike Manufacturers (XC + Gravity)
  • Motor Manufacturers (XC + Gravity)

When are the WES UCI E-MTB XC World Cup Events scheduled?

Every year a WES race Calendar is public: it shows what disciplines and side events each WES Round’s features. It is available on WES website.
When a WES Round features a double XC race, then the WES Gravity race will not be held. The Rounds including the WES Gravity race will see one XC race only.
The double XC race represents a double chance for riders to get eligible points for the UCI World Championships qualifying.

Which are the E-Bike brands involved?

WES is a series open to all brands and not a single-brand championship. Therefore, WES is happy to welcome the world’s top factories, as well as new brands. As for the E-Bike manufacturers, WES is open to collaborate with all the brands in the electric industry, involved in satellite activities, that aim to be protagonists of this great evolution phase of the sport.

What is the E-Village?

Downtown showcase area set up with WES exclusive design products, services, technologies on and around the world of electric mobility. International Networking and Workshops are organised together with local authorities and the electric industry to discuss sustainable mobility options, the key role of E-Bikes in the “new era”, the development of electric sports and cycle-tourism as a catalyst for WES hosting venues.

What is the WES City Track?

Downtown compact track built up with removable obstacles and adaptable to local territory conditions and needs.
This may apply to E-MTB as well as E-scooters and any other E-mobility option, as a Side Event within the WES Round. Features may vary from Round to Round as this is tailor made to each venue (where applicable).