8 April 2021

Raspini confirm their commitment within World cycling at WES

Monaco (P.ty) Thursday 8 April 2021 – WES Management is glad to announce the Italian brand Raspini confirms its participation as a Main Partner with WES UCI E-MTB XC World Cup.

Raspini was founded in 1946 by Elsa and Ilario Raspini and has become a leading company within the cured meat and sausage sector.

To highlight their participation and support, WES will be using #MERENDATIME, as a hashtag within their communications on all their different channels which draws attention to the importance of nutrition within sport.

Raspini is known and appreciated in Italy and abroad for its very high-quality food products. As a versatile and dynamic company, Raspini is a strong supporter of sporting activities and events.

WES and its platform of electric bike racing compliment the values and commitments of Raspini who also pay attention to the local environment, and has done so for the last 75 years since its formation.

Raspini products will have an onsite presence at WES events, look out for photos and videos with the competitors. Raspini produces a range of products with quality ingredients that are also great for athletes.

As the main partner, the focus and competitive values that drive the athletes and teams, also drives Raspini, as champions are made and supported throughout the WES 2021 calendar of racing.

During the various events lookout for the #MERENDATIME hashtag from participants and WES, as we seek to demonstrate the importance of energising the racers and competition.

For further information: raspinisalumi.it/en

Download the EN Press Release in PDF HERE

Download the IT Press Release in PDF HERE