13 February 2024

Justine Tonso: The rising star of E-Mountain Biking

Justine Tonso, a 23-year-old athlete from France, is making waves in the world of Sky and E-Mountain Biking.

Interviewed at Spa-Francorshamps before her 2023 World Cup title, she shared insights into her journey of competing in both disciplines.

Tonso’s journey into cycling began at 12, where she initially dabbled in races at her school before realizing her potential. Progressing through national races, she eventually earned a spot on the French National Team.

Justine Tonso at 2023 Spa-Francorshamps Race 2

Her journey

Reflecting on her first WES UCI E-Mountain Bike Cross-Country World Cup race in Monaco, Tonso described it as an unforgettable experience, especially with her family’s support nearby.

The adrenaline rush combined with the familiar faces cheering her on a memorable moment that fueled her passion for the sport.

Drawing a comparison between Cross-Country Olympic (XCO) and E-Mountain Biking (EMTB), Tonso highlighted the sensations each discipline offers. While both involve pushing limits on challenging tracks, EMTB introduces a new dimension with its electrifying speed and terrain.

Justine Tonso at 2023 Germany Race 2

Many bikes

Tonso’s versatility extends to her choice of bicycles, often switching between her road bike and MTB to explore the experiences each offers. She pushes new challenges with each race as a rising star in E-Mountain Biking.

You can watch her thoughts and the full interview on our YouTube Channel.

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