16 February 2024

Jérôme Gilloux reflects on his 2023 World Cup title

Reigning E-MTB World Cup champion Jérôme Gilloux sat down for an interview in Castelldefels, Barcelona, where he discussed his triumphs and challenges throughout the 2023 season.

Despite encountering some hurdles, Gilloux managed to clinch the World Cup title, and reflecting on the season, he described it as a mixture of highs and lows.

Jérôme Gilloux at 2023 WES Ceremony Awards 

Jérôme Gilloux’s 2023 season

Beyond a misstep at the World Championships, he remained steadfast in his pursuit with his consistency throughout the season, regularly stepping onto the podium and maintaining a strong presence in the races.

“Somehow it was a complicated season, some highs and lows but I’ve been consistent and always stepped on the podium which is good, despite the misstep at the World Championships”, he said.

Jérôme Gilloux at 2023 Barcelona Round 

“We fixed the problem to properly end the season and I managed to clinch the World Cup title one race ahead of the final round in Barcelona meaning we got here more relaxed, and we can enjoy the weekend”. he continued.

World Championship vs World Cup

When asked about the difference between competing in the World Championship and the World Cup, he said that the World Championship offers a one-off race where riders vie for the title, highlighting the importance of the World Cup’s general classification.

For him, the ability to compete in multiple races throughout the season across various terrains is paramount. This format allows riders to show skills consistently and adapt to different challenges, unlike the singular focus of the World Championship.

Jérôme Gilloux at 2023 Spa-Francorshamps Round Race 2 

“What I love is to race several races and perform well all along the season, that’s why WES general classification is so important to me. I can express myself throughout the year and on different types of terrain, not just one, one day only”

“It’s much preparation and stress and at the end of the day you’re not World Champ, maybe for just a small gap, so you can definitely show to be stronger over one the entire season”.

“You know, in a one-off race, the terrain and the course may represent an advantage for this or that rider, while on a full season you must be strong every race. Of course, it’s important, it’s the Rainbow Jersey, but it went well in the World Cup and Im happy with it”.

Jérôme Gilloux at 2023 Germany Round Race 1 

“The Specialist”

Recognized for his skills, he’s been dubbed ‘The Specialist’. Curious to hear his thoughts on this nickname? Tune in to our YouTube channel for the full interview.

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