29 December 2023

Get to know a little bit about Joris Ryf’s 2023 season

Joris Ryf had a great 2023 season with multiple wins, fierce battles on track and a lot of experiences to become the new 2023 UCI World Champ. In an interesting interview, he talked about this aspect and beyond. Let’s deep into it.

The World Champ at Glasgow

Ryf delivered a great performance at the 2023 UCI World Championships to secure the title and become the new Champ. Reflecting on his achievement, he shared the following thoughts:

R: Winning this jersey has been a big goal since the 3 years I started racing in E-Bikes. I can make it possible in Glasgow. It was like a dream coming true to achieve this goal finally.

Joris Ryf after winning both races at Spa

Racing with Specialized

2023 proved to be a challenge for him following his team switch. Embracing his role as the newly-acquired male Specialized rider, he was a figure in the WES UCI E-Mountain Bike Cross-Country World Cup as a key participant.

Joris Ryf and Sofia Wiedenroth at Spa-Francorchamps

R: After the last year I changed to Specialized. It’s such a good collaboration with Sofía (Wiedenroth) because we are the only racers who race full-time for this team. Over the winter we developed a really good bike and engine. Until the end, we had the perfect support until the World Champs. I felt so good and confident with the bike I had that for sure it was a big part of this win.

Battle against Jérôme Gilloux and E-Bike format

Joris Ryf and Jérôme Gilloux at WES Race 2 in Germany

Beyond his victory at Glasgow and his team swap, Joris Ryf took time to speak about his battle against Gilloux and the E-Mountain Bike Cross-Country format. You can watch his thoughts and the full interview on our YouTube Channel.