3 April 2024

From Spain to WES: A conversation with Ismael Esteban about electric Cross-Country

At 39 years old, Ismael Esteban is a seasoned competitor from Torrelavega, Cantabria, Spain. With a passion for cycling ignited at 13, he delved into the world of Bike Trial, eventually transitioning to Mountain Biking by 14. Today, his primary focus lies in Cross Country, although he’s been branching out into Gravel, marathon, and cyclocross.

Ismael’s journey into the UCI E-Mountain Bike Cross-Country World Cup experience began in 2021, with his inaugural race at Sea Otter, a event hosted as part of the WES series in Costa Brava, Europe. Reflecting on his experiences, Esteban finds this discipline to be a spectacle, combining technical with the speed afforded by electric bikes.

“In the end, these are technical circuits,” Ismael remarks, emphasizing the nature of Electric Cross-country tracks, because e-bikes integration into the sport adds versatility and enhances the overall enjoyment factor. For him, the appeal lies in the physical demands of the sport, coupled with the adrenaline of competition.

Ismael Esteban at 2023 Girona Round Race 1

“To me, Electric Cross-country is a very spectacular format,” Ismael asserts, highlighting its short, technical circuits and the speed that electric bikes bring to the table. Looking ahead, Esteban envisions a promising future, because he believes that Electric Cross-country will be a prominent fixture in the cycling landscape, attracting fans and riders alike with excitement.

As he continues to explore horizons and conquer challenges, Ismael Esteban remains committed to embracing the Electric Cross-country, inspiring fellow riders to join him on this ride.

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