27 March 2024

Bas van Well about Bafang’s electric bike: “You can win races with this engine”

“You can win the race with this engine. This is perfect for MTB and everything. Really powerful”

Innovation is the key to unlocking new levels of performance and enjoyment for riders of all skill levels. Bafang’s Brand Service Officer Bas van Well, sheds light on the features of the M510 electric bike motor used during the 2023 WES season.,

With a focus on lightweight design, enhanced performance, and advanced construction materials, the M510 “sets a new standard for electric bike motors” with its lightweight design. Van Well underscores this aspect, as reduced weight improves overall bike handling, extends battery life and increases efficiency.

Bafang Team

By employing magnesium construction instead of aluminium, Bafang has achieved a reduction in weight without compromising on durability or strength.

On the other hand, Van Well highlights its improved performance compared to the previous model to push the boundaries of electric bike technology. In this sense, riders can expect a smoother, more powerful riding experience with the M510 at their disposal.

Beyond raw performance, the M510 boasts technological advancements. Van Well points to updates in the controller, particularly in the realm of sensors for speed and torque. These translate to a more responsive and intuitive riding experience.

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