15 April 2024

Advanced Bikes’ CEO: “Our goal is to make the sport much more recognizable in Germany”

In the heart of Germany’s racing scene, Advanced Bikes, led by CEO Helge von Fugler, has made an entry into the World E-Bike Series (WES), representing Germany as the sole German team and OEM in the UCI E-MTB XC World Cup.

Von Fugler’s vision for Advanced Bikes extends beyond competition; it’s about catalyzing a cultural shift in how Germany perceives and engages with electric bike racing. “Our goal is of course to get as many (Fassi) Holeshots and as many Podium places as we can get, but our entire goal is actually to make the sport much more recognizable in the country”.

The journey of Advanced Bikes in the WES is not just about wins and losses; it’s about a passion for the sport among pros and amateurs alike. “It’s not just about riding an e-bike; it’s about pushing your limits, feeling your heart race with every twist and turn of the track,” he explains. “We invite everyone to experience it firsthand, to feel the rush, and to see why electric bike racing is unlike anything else out there.”

First WES Series race in Germany

Central to Advanced Bikes’ mission is accessibility. Von Fugler stresses that their bikes are not just for seasoned professionals but for anyone willing to take on the challenge. “Challenge yourself and see what a different kind of sport that is and how much fun it is. Try it, we are open for every participant to ride our bikes to be part of WES”.

With each race, each podium finish, and each new inspiration, Advanced Bikes is racing towards victory and a future where electric bike racing thrives within the German landscape. “We hope that a lot more young riders participate and see the sport as a challenge as it is a high frequency of heart rate it’s a high challenge it’s not as you say it’s just like e-bike it’s not. It’s a high challenge, come to our riders, get a bike from us and test yourself”.

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