15 March 2024

IESA hosts inaugural meeting focused on E-MTB, uniting industry leaders for a dynamic future

Monaco (P.ty), Friday 15 March – The International Electric Sports Association (IESA) recently convened its first meeting with a spotlight on Electric Mountain Bike (E-MTB) racing, in the organisation’s mission to promote electric sports globally.

IESA’s inaugural remote summit brought together a select group of individuals and organisations pivotal to the evolution of E-MTB racing.

Established to promote electric sports in all their forms, cultivating a new sports culture advocating for the use of renewable energies within recreational activities, and improving institutional conversations with and between national and international authorities, IESA is dedicated to encouraging the organisation of competitions, to develop a new sports culture.

The meeting drew participation from key stakeholders such as bike manufacturers, motor manufacturers, elite teams, and brands in the electric mobility sector, in particular: Bosch, Bafang, Ghost Bikes and Accell Group, Trek Bikes,Specialized and Askoll Ultra. Along with them, WES World E-Bike Series attended the meeting as a founding member of the Association.

Also, elected athletes’ representatives will join the conversation in the upcoming meetings.

Daniel Kastl, Sports Marketing & Athlete Manager Ghost-bikes-Accell Group: “From our self-perspective, the main goal should be to make ebike racing accessible for the public and bring it to the spectators, because I think it’s the only option for its potential in this field. We need to make it. Once we achieve that, our sports will grow”.

By gathering these influential voices, IESA facilitated a roundtable discussion aimed at identifying critical factors driving the growth and development of E-MTB racing.

Central to the agenda was exploring strategies to propel E-MTB racing into a brighter and more dynamic future, providing a comprehensive overview of all participants’ goals and vision for the future.

By uniting industry leaders, innovators, and influencers, IESA seeks to foster collaboration and innovation within the E-MTB community, ultimately steering the sport towards greater prominence on the global stage.

“Our main goal is to enhance both credibility and visibility within this market segment. I’ve noticed common threads because the significant potential in e-bike racing, just as our solutions hold promise for the e-bike manufacturing market”, said Gianluca Bassan, Askoll Ultra Direct Sales Manager.

Looking ahead, IESA is committed to building by its inaugural meeting, leveraging the expertise of its members to drive meaningful change within the E-MTB landscape, through continued collaboration and innovation.

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