17 October 2019

Cube Bikes is the WES 2019 Manufacturers Winner

The First International e-Bike Series visited four venues in as many countries during its debut season in 2019.

From Monaco to Switzerland, Italy to Catalunya, the WES e-Bike Series took in a broad range of terrain. Each race threw unique challenges at the riders and their bikes.

Bike checks and technical courses ensure WES helps to develop the sport of e-biking.
Image: WES/Kike Abelleira

WES is about more than just creating a race series for sport. We believe that racing, and the way in which it pushes bikes and components to their limits, is an important part of the progression of e-biking. The aim of WES has always been to develop the sport of e-biking and to help further e-mobility solutions across the world.

For this reason, the inaugural WES Series awarded Manufacturer and Motor Championship titles. We hope that Championship fights will aid in furthering the equipment used for leisure and mobility purposes.

Across its eight 2019 races – four each in XC and Enduro – WES awarded points for every rider on a certain bike and motor, including both Men and Women categories.

WES is delighted to award the Championship Winners as follows:

WES Manufacturers Championship Winner – Cube Bikes

1. Cube Bikes
2. Scott Bikes
3. Lapierre Bikes

WES Motor Championship Winner – Bosch

1. Bosch
2. Shimano
3. Yamaha

Full Series standings can be found on the WES Results page.

Claus Wachsmass is presented the WES Manufacturer’s award by WES founder and CEO Francesco Di Biase.
Image: WES/Kike Abelleira