21 December 2021

WES TV coverage: End of season Report

2022 TV coverage confirmed

Monaco (P.ty), Tuesday 21 December 2021 WES Management is pleased to diffuse the 2021 TV coverage end of season report and inform on the broadcasting agreements for the upcoming season, as of today.

Further to WES TV, the owned online platform, for the first time, in 2021 WES series and the exclusive UCI E-MTB World Cup were on TV (DTT, on demand, etc.), thanks to several agreements with broadcasters and distributors worldwide.
WES in-house race highlights production consist of a minimum of 12-minute original TV content per round, full of adrenaline, action, behind the scenes, interviews and technical features.

Worldwide-known, German-based quattro media globally distributed WES highlights in 72 countries (Europe, UK, Pan-Africa, Pan-Middle East, US, Canada), across 19 channels, for an overall time of 180 hrs in 415 airings in 2021.
The distribution company confirms its support to WES series again in 2022.

BIKE Channel, owned by Italian BFC Media since 2021, has renewed its media partnership with WES for next year. The collaboration successfully offered a full coverage of the WES season with highlights, interviews and video clips, both in English and Italian language, with 1336 airings for an average of 82 hrs TV programme in 2021. The multimedia platform also granted specific content diffusion on BIKE website, social media and printed magazine.

All WES content globally distributed onto BIKE streaming platform in 2021 will now get also to the Sky platform in 2022, with increased international exposure particularly, in all WES events hosting countries.

Thanks to the collaboration with Andorran Carrota Media, WES highlights were distributed in Spain along with specific content produced in both Spanish and Catalan, such as dedicated interviews with Spanish athletes and WES protagonists all along the 2021 season. The distribution across tdp(Teledeporte, RTVE), Movistar+ Deportes and TV3 granted 285 mins of programming, also confirmed for 2022 with a renewed collaboration agreement.

Therefore, 74 countries in total were covered by 23 TV channels last year. 

The TV Highlights distribution is confirmed and WES Management is working on a global scale to improve the list of media partners and broadcasters.
New deals will be announced in Q1.
Extra content and a new on-site studio are in plans for WES 2022 production.

For further information and details on the TV schedule, please contact: pressoffice@worldebikeseries.com

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