27 January 2023

WES joins the UCI Climate Action Charter

Climate change is the greatest threat to the essential elements of life for people worldwide and our sport. Not acting to reduce emissions in a rapid and far-reaching way will cost society and the sport of cycling far more in the future.

In consideration of this, and following the United Nations Sports for Climate Action Framework joined back in 2020, WES is now glad to announce to have joined the UCI Climate Action Charter, to build a sustainable cycling of tomorrow together with the World’s Cycling Governing Body.

Nations worldwide have committed to undertake ambitious efforts to combat climate change and adapt to its effects through the Paris Climate Agreement. Scientific consensus tells us that we shall limit global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels and avoid the very worst consequences of climate change.

As a united cycling family, WES will take responsibility for engaging with these challenges by reducing our sport’s impact on the environment and promoting the benefits of more cycle use for sustainable mobility.

Through this charter, WES recognises the crucial steps we must take to make our sport’s rapid and deep emissions reductions possible by 2030.

The key points of this charter are as follows:

  • To measure our climate footprint and report to internationally recognised standards by 2024.
  • To engage fans, local communities, spectators, media, and the wider public on the bicycle’s important role for climate action and sustainable development.
  • To ensure that the effects of climate change are factored into our future plans.
  • To implement sustainable procurement for our events and operations.
  • To reduce energy demand and prioritise electricity from 100% renewable sources.
  • To reduce waste and accelerate the transition to a circular economy.
  • To prioritise low-carbon transport.
  • To respect nature and raise awareness of biodiversity’s values to people, links to the sport and the importance of conservation.

For further information and to join the charter: