10 October 2018

Wes hits Monaco! The first International E-Bike Series presented in the principality of Monaco

Monaco (P.ty), October, 2nd 2018 – The new frontier of cycling was presented last night in the iconic global sports home of Monaco.

WES, World e-Bike Series is the first e-Bike competition exclusively reserved to electric mountain bikes which aims to give e-cycling the visibility this discipline deserves, taking its own path away from the traditional MTB race weekends, for the first time in the history of this sport, at the world level.

WES will see top world-class riders (Men and Women) battling in both Enduro and Cross-Country races held in some of the greatest natural spots in the world.

At its debut in 2019, the series features 4 events across Europe and additional ones will be announced along the season.

The brand-new championship was presented in presence of some of the most important names in the sport, such as Julien Absalon , 2-time Olympic Gold Medallist, Gustav Larsson , Olympic Silver Medallist, Pauline Ferrand-Prevot and Marco Aurelio Fontana, Olympic Bronze Medallist, at Monaco’s “Stars ‘n’ Bars”, the global sportspersons and celebrities destination bar with a unique view on one the most famous yacht bays in the world.

Monaco was selected to host the series press presentation yesterday, and the first ever competition, on April 2019, not only for its undisputed sporting tradition and glamour essence but for its pioneering position in electric and sustainable mobility as a way of life.

For this reason and for the need of a specific e-Bike international event in the sports market, the prestigious FMC, Fédération Monégasque du Cyclisme, has immediately accepted the proposal of Slash, the sports marketing and event organisation company promoting and owning rights for the series.

Umberto Langellotti, Fédération Monégasque du Cyclisme President: “We are proud to be the hosting Federation for the first ever edition of WES. The Principality of Monaco has always been the venue for the greatest sports events and WES is to maintain the tradition of entertainment and glamour, also adding the values of energy transition and sustainable mobility development”.

To complete the WES format with a perfect 2-day of e-Biking, a great randonnée, the “Ride WES”, will take place on Sundays following the Saturday race day, featuring three different tracks designed by professional riders, for all amateur levels. The spectacular location of the hills surrounding Monaco will be the first ever hosting the Ride WES and will make participants experience an unforgettable e-ride with pros combined with breathtaking views, either on their own bicycle or on top-level rental bikes managed by the organisers.”We trust in the e-sports” huge potential and we have been working with dedication to make WES happen – said Francesco Di Biase, Slash CEO and Founder. WES format aims to match hi-competitive sporting performance with an open day of touring, to help people get closer to this new discipline and become familiar with the e-Bike as an everyday vehicle option. We are honoured to be supported by such an important organisation like the FMC which lines up world’s best riders to face this exciting new challenge.”