15 July 2023

Sofia Wiedenroth shines, Jérôme Gilloux dominates in Lombardy Day 1

Tonso takes the lead back, Hog gets his first-ever podium finish

Paolo d’Argon (Italy), Saturday 15 July 2023 – The WES Lombardy Round presented by Fassi took place on a sunny and beautiful day at San Paolo d’Argon, with clear skies setting the stage for another 2023 UCI E-MTB XC World Cup event. The Benedictine monastery served as a breathtaking backdrop for the track and paddock, adding a unique touch to Race 1.

WES Lombardy Round Race 1 start

The day kicked off with Jérôme Gilloux and Justine Tonso (Lapierre Overvolt) securing the Raspini Pole Position, displaying skills and speed as recently crowned French champions.

Jérôme Gilloux and Justine Tonso (Lapierre Overvolt)

Gilloux and Sofia Wiedenroth (Specialized) took the lead at turn 1 to win the Fassi Holeshot, demonstrating their quick reflexes and competitive spirit right from the demanding start section of this race.

Jérôme Gilloux (Lapierre Overvolt) and Joris Ryf (Specialized)

“The Specialist” Gilloux showcased his dominance by sweeping all the day’s packages: he secured the top spot in the Qualirace, claimed the Holeshot, and emerged victorious after 7 laps of pure racing, while Swiss Joris Ryf (Specialized) followed closely behind and German Heiko Hog (Advanced E-Racing) crossed the finish line to keep the podium last spot for the first time ever at WES. Behind them, Rico Libesch, also from Advanced was fourth and Loïc Noël (Bergstrom Swiss) was fifth. Andrea Garibbo (Haibike), representing the Italian flag made his awaited return to the series with a well-earned seven place.

Race 1 Men’s Podium

Win, puncture and side-by-side battle

Justine Tonso started at the front but faced a setback in the second lap as she experienced a puncture, causing her to go down to the bottom. Despite the adversity, Reigning French Champ was able to fight by mounting a remarkable comeback from the back.

Ultimately, it was Wiedenroth who emerged as the Race Winner, shining and displaying her prowess on the track since the first lap. Swiss Nathalie Schneitter (Trek-Bosch) conquered a solid second place, while Tonso fought her way back to take her bike as the third one. Anna Spielmann (Haibike) closely pursued Lapierre Overvolt’s rider throughout the race, adding an extra layer of competition as she finished fourth, followed by Antonia Daubermann (Advanced E -Racing) as fifth. Italian rider Anna Oberparleiter (RH Racing) gave her all to secure a sixth-place finish.

Sofia Wiedenroth (Specialized)

The excitement of the WES Lombardy Round presented by Fassi is far from being over, as tomorrow will see the return of action for Race 2, where San Paolo d’Argon will once again take centre stage for more electrifying action and breathtaking moments.

Race 1 Women’s Podium

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