30 July 2019

ITW with Jessica “Jey” Bormolini, SCOTT MrWolf eBike Store Racing Team

1) When have you started mountain biking and when have you decided to start racing?

JB: I started MTBing when I was a kid, when I still had stabilisers on my little bike. It was just for fun but then I realised I could even beat the boys with no more than my little pink bike with a basket on the front. I used to attend XC races until I got to the World Cup in 2011 but then I started my preparation for getting the ski teaching license. The real competition started a bit later, in the Italian junior class, when I learned how tough it was to take it seriously and get properly trained with perseverance and dedication. I was giving a hand in organising a regional Enduro event in Livigno, where I live, back in 2015, when I decided to also apply for that race, which was my first ever.

2) From ski instructor (you’re always nicely tanned!) to being WES Enduro Women Championship leader: how can you mix and match the two sports? Do you think one can be preparatory for the other?

JB: I can handle to mix the two disciplines because you can do it in two different seasons: in April, when the ski season is over, I drop my skis in the shed and take the bike out, while in November I do the other way round. I don’t think skiing can be of help for the cycling physical preparation, as downhill skiing is a static sport and improves your mass, whilst for the bike you need more muscle flexibility. On the other hand, Enduro and e-Enduro help getting fit for other disciplines, being much cardio and endurance.

3) How do you work out in preparation for an MTB race and in particular, for a WES race?

JB: To get fit for an e-Bike race I spend all the spare time I have on my bike, trying to get the most of it, have fun and find out the proper feeling with it. At the moment, we are keen on brakes testing, as it is crucial for me in the relationship with the e-Bike and this is also part of getting ready to race.

4) Why go “e”? What is the added value of an e-Bike, compared to traditional MTBing?

JB: Electric is now the future of cycling. Plus, it’s cool! The new international series (WES ed) is very exciting and test yourself on new challenges is always a great opportunity to go beyond your routine and training routine. I believe this helps make you a more complete athlete.

5) WES is developing a hi-competitive format (Enduro + XC) which aims to be equal for both men and women: what do you think would push more women to approach these disciplines?

JB: It’s a bit of an oldish idea that cycling, in all its disciplines, is mainly a men’s affair. Women have a different body structure and possibly our riding style looks less powerful than men’s but being lighter, smooth and harmonious may represent an added value. How to encourage girls to approach this sport? Just try! You only need the right equipment and some safe trails.

6) Next WES event will be the Italian Round, your home round and the SCOTT MrWolf Team performance, both yours and Nicola’s (Casadei ed) is very much awaited: are you preparing something special for this round? What is your goal for the Bologna weekend?

JB: As a team, we are working hard in preparation for this round, as much as for any other WES event and my goal is clearly to celebrate it with you from the top spot on the podium in Bologna!

7) Maybe it was not at the very beginning of the season but now we would say you are fighting for the first ever WES Enduro Women title, is that right or are you feeling a bit of pressure from Sofia (Wiedenroth, WES CUBE Action Team, ed) in second place?

JB: I’m a racer, I always want to win! I don’t feel comfortable getting a second place. So, yes, for sure, my goal’s to win the championship this year. My rivals are not putting any pressure on me, they simply represent some extra buzz and motivation to me. Enduro is an individual sport and that’s part of the game.

8) Where will you be racing in the next weeks, before WES Italian Round?

JB: I’d love to take part in some Enduro and DH events but my main goal is still the Italian Championship next 4 August, when I will be battling to defend the title I won last year in S. Margherita.

Good luck, Jey and see you in Bologna!