28 June 2024

Anna Spielmann’s journey to e-bike racing

Anna Spielmann, a 26-year-old Austrian rider, has made a name for herself in the world of e-bike racing. Riding for Haibike, she brings a blend of experience, determination, and technical prowess to this growing sport.

Spielmann’s journey on two wheels began at the age of 10. Her passion for biking evolved over the years, encompassing road biking, cross-country, and enduro. It wasn’t until March of last year that she decided to venture into e-bike racing.

“E-bikes offer something totally different,” Spielmann explains. “It’s not like traditional mountain biking; it’s more of a mix between motorcycles and bike riding, but it’s a lot of fun and it’s really cool to see the technical progress.”

Training Regimen and Physical Demands

Despite her focus on e-bikes, Spielmann continues to train extensively on traditional bikes.I train a lot on road bikes to stay fit and in good physical condition, and on enduro bikes as well,” she says. Her training schedule includes 25 to 30 hours per week and has kept her in peak physical shape.

(WES: Seb Schieck)

Training on an e-bike presents challenges, particularly when it comes to uphill riding. “The main issue with e-bikes is riding uphill. You need to focus on balance to get to the top as fast as possible,” Spielmann notes. The physical demands are intensified by the weight of the e-bike, requiring additional strength, particularly in the upper body. To adapt, she has incorporated extensive gym training into her routine to build muscle and endurance.

Closing the Gender Gap in E-Bike Racing

One of the most exciting aspects of e-bike racing for Spielmann is its potential to level the playing field between male and female riders. “The cool thing is, when I ride with guys, we now have the same speed. I’m lighter, so it’s easier for the engine to get me to the top of the mountain. On the downhill, we are almost the same,” she explains.

(WES: Seb Schieck)

Spielmann also observes that e-bike racing allows for greater inclusivity, enabling Men and Women to compete together on a more equal footing. “Especially with the e-bike Worlds, you can see that we are quite close to the guys, particularly on long stages. It’s pretty cool that women and men can do this sport together.”

WES Moments and Future Goals

About her WES career, her first WES race in Monaco was a standout moment. “I started riding e-bikes only two months earlier and had never raced in such weather conditions. It was raining so bad, and I thought, ‘How should I get up on that mountain?!’ It was really impressive.”

(WES: Seb Schieck)

As a rising star to watch in the e-bike racing world, Spielmann’s goal for the season is clear: “To win as many races as possible!”