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wes series

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monte carlo


Professional guides and pro-athletes will help you discover the location, with special activities along the route, outdoor dining, breathtaking views and adrenalinic trails.

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Race green map
Distance Vertical Start
17,58km 522 M Peille
Race blu map
Distance Vertical Start
21,32km 1011 M Peille
Race black map
Distance Vertical Start
34,16km 1205 M Peille

saturday 13
April 2019
h. 10:00 - 16:00 Ride WES Rider Registration
sunday 14
April 2019
h.10:00 - 14:00 Ride WES: Randonnée Day

wes series

green Track

Pricelist logo is green

Level: easy
distance: 17,58km
vertical: 522 M

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wes series

blue Track

Pricelist logo is blue

Level: medium
distance: 21,32km
vertical: 1011 M

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wes series

black Track

Pricelist logo is black

Level: pro
distance: 34,16km
vertical: 1205 M

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